Do I belong?

I wish that one day you’ll make it home To a place you belong, a person you love or a passion you may die forWhere your heart is cherished Your mind sleeps in peace And your soul is simply understood… Samiha Totanji With the exception of today, it has been quite a while since I felt really strongly … More Do I belong?

Bad experiences

If there was any doubt or fear before today, it completely flew out of the window. More than anything else I have proven to myself and the world that I’m a fighter. To me, it doesn’t matter what I fought against. What matters is that in the face of my worst fears, I was strong … More Bad experiences

Finding life

Have you ever truly, keenly felt like you don’t know who you are?  In the moment that I found life, Everything else became hazy, And knew right then, Everything before that moment was a lie. And so, I cried for the one I called love, For I could not remember, What love was without life, … More Finding life

Musings about life

  I hate the feeling I get when I see my peers who were able to get scholarships to study in schools abroad- Cornell, Harvard, Stanford, Wesleyan e.t.c. I hate it because mainly it starts with a feeling of disappointment; That was my dream, I wasn’t able to make it. Soon after follows envy, and … More Musings about life

Mystery Blogger’s award

Hello lovelies, I have been honored to be nominated for the mystery Bloggers award by  Philosophy through Photography. This came as very welcome surprise for me. It is wonderful to come to the realization that your words are inspiring and connecting with people out there. Philosophy through Poetry uses the artful skill of photography to inspire … More Mystery Blogger’s award