Mystery Blogger’s award

Hello lovelies, I have been honored to be nominated for the mystery Bloggers award by  Philosophy through Photography. This came as very welcome surprise for me. It is wonderful to come to the realization that your words are inspiring and connecting with people out there. Philosophy through Poetry uses the artful skill of photography to inspire … More Mystery Blogger’s award

One can dream

Create in me a beautiful dream let her out of the cage let her fly away see all the landmarks of the world feel the wind on her wings and the ocean at her feet Create in me a beautiful dream let her walk to the platform set out with the biggest of confidence and … More One can dream


She  loved what she saw, and she conquered But the world conquered her deepest fears and poured them out into the ocean of mankind and try as she might she could not clothe herself for they were just as visible as oil on clear water all was left of her was her vulnerability He loved … More Vulnerable

Do not suffer alone

I hope that today when you feel weak and your knees threaten to buckle because of the weight within you, you will remember me. That you will remember that even I, who seem to be walking with the strength of Angels on my shoulders,have had moments when terrible swamp of butterflies filled my stomach. Moments … More Do not suffer alone

Beautiful mess

Many times they did not know what to do when she laughed hard yet they could see all the bags so clearly outlined underneath her beautiful eyes She didn’t sleep last night they thought. They were clueless on how treat her when her bouts of anger clearly grew outrageous and she would throw all the … More Beautiful mess