This is life

Regardless of whether something good or bad happens to you, you can take comfort in the fact that life goes on.


I learnt of life the hard way,

Bright blinding light at the end of the tunnel

Nothing but a decoy

for the grave danger that lay ahead

I was never Agileย but nevertheless,

I sprinted towards it

And when my blistered feet could no longer take the pressure,

I crawled untill the skin on my knees came off

Leaving behind a white piece of flesh,

Still, I dragged myself forward

Thrust my torso through the ground

till my clothes were all but tattered.

I wish I had known of omens then,

That the world was only conspiring against me

I should have gone against the grain

Because when I did Blink

I realized that it was

Always a mirage

That I was doomed to see

Until such a time I was dead

And when my body

Started slowly decomposing

I saw the world for what it was

only it was too late


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