Reflections of the new year

Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you’re just a reflection of him/her?

The world and life in general is an enigma. A paradox, scaringly ugly yet so beautiful at the same time.

I am fascinated by life and living. The fact that there are feelings, natural phenomena, the seen, the unseen, what has been discovered, that which is yet to be discovered and that which will never be discovered blows my mind.I imagine we are living in a growing bubble and the bigger picture is what surrounds this induced bubble.

I realize that life generally becomes harder because of expectations, unseen goals and lines drawn by the world, the society. By man, one of the most frail beings in the world . Yet at the same time as much as these laws have destroyed so have they saved.

We are only lucky because we have the gift of a brain that has the capacity to discern. Otherwise, we could have been toast.This is also a questionable theory as most things in the universe. Most of beings in this world other than man-snakes,crawling bugs, spiders, lions, insects just to mention a few (you can clearly tell I’ve been watching too much National Geographic) are mostly more dangerous with little or no brain activity at all. So is it really our brains that protect us?

While we humans try to explain all these and fit it inside our daily ways of lives, truth is many more will remain unsolved. Therefore, the best thing we can truly do is do our best, whatever that may be and similarly stand against injustice.

To this and more yet unsaid, have a successful 2018!


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