The surgeon

She now knew her death was inevitable, and with that acceptance came liberation. The courage of the condemned.

His eyes held nothingness,

Just two black orbs,

Neither blinking nor watering.

His hands were bony and rough,

Holding the razor sharpened scapels .

And for a little while,

I must Confess,

I was scared.

As he reached towards my insides.

With a snip,

I saw him tear all the chords,

That invisibly kept me together,

He kept going and going,

Cutting and cutting,

Snip! snip! snip! Snip!

Until all that remained of me

Was armorphic and mutilated,


Just a liquid mess that left a revolting taste in my mouth,

So I hanged there over his head,

Hoping he’d finish it all,

But he never did,

Leaving the pain to emancipate me,

And I knew he had no humanity


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