Truth and fiction

Truth is always strange, stranger than fiction ~Lord Byron

Don’t call me again dear one,

For the gods have taken back the ocean,

Seized the lands and altered the weather.

It is not your destiny that you see me die,

For even our forefathers predicted that this day would come,

and I am powerless and Silent like never before,

My body reeks of treacherous paths,

A map to disastrous lands,

My feet are so numb I forget they are there.

You see dear one,

You do not deserve to see me this way,

I will only bring you pain as I have the others,

Now they have cast me away,

They could not handle the darkness,

And the light mixed together,

It scares them,

Drives them to the edge,

Neither blame them nor the universe,

They do not Relate, they never have.

You need to understand ,

This is how it must be,

It’s how it all ends.


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