Dark Thoughts

Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.

Dark thoughts aren’t just born in the night,

I should know.

Tell me,

Doesn’t your mind freely drift away,

At the brightness of moments,

Seeking, searching, exploring

The depths of your hell of a mind,

Subduing, vanquishing, dividing and conquering,

Craving that which won’t be?

Do you not think of how crushed your skull would be,

Underneath a mangled wreck?

Murkiness, Darkness.

Forgive me,

shouldn’t I have voiced that?

Just kept it in the rusty corners of my being,

All silent, hushed,voiceless, tight-lipped?

Aren’t you all like me,

Finding peace and silence,

Swimming in the depths of a fire,

Holding your breath for so long,

That you forget the use of beathing,

Don’t you wake up laughing when,

You see his crooked elbow,

aiming a gun towards your head?

Tell me this,

How do you drown the darkness of your heart?

Because every time I look at you,

I see it seeping through the cracks of your broken heart,

And I want to soak it all in.

Yet all you exude is light.

How do you rid of the sickness of dark thoughts?

In the light of day, at noon?

No you don’t want it,

nor do you wish on it,

It just surfaces and finds you.

Dreams, fantasies, visions, nightmares

Dark,unlit, pitch-black and gloomy

Just like your soul.

Dark thoughts aren’t born in the night,

I should know


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