Keep Fighting

Instead of being ashamed of what you’ve been through , be proud of what you’ve overcomed

I still remember the day you nearly fell for the temptation

Dark clouds looming in the sky

threatening to burst into rain which never came

The fleeting image of your face

On a mirror

Your body bundled in the corner of your blue room

Face stained but not with tears

you could never cry for yourself.

The first time you felt doubt

you instantly locked it in your heart

Even I could not recognize it

under the layers of facade

that you had put on.

But I definitely saw it the second time

And the third and the fourth and the umpteenth time

A feeling I can’t Express

When you streched your elastic skin

After their ugly words were uttered

And reinvented a new you.

I was so afraid

That salvation for you was long gone

I didn’t reach out

or speak, even touch

Oh how wrong I was love!

Behind all the sins I saw

Your pain and hurt

The passive show you kept,

You were more than the words

their declaration

More than my confining thoughts.


You were neither confident nor peaceful

You were unhappily you

Imperfect and flawed

Sad and angry

Scared and alone

But even in the face of all these

you never gave in

You remained you.

And no one could define or contain you.

When your hand trembled

Threatening to drive the razor into your veins

In your closed bathroom

You felt such a great fear tugging at the sleeve of your heart,

Chanting your name

And I knew you were never hopeless

No one could kill you,

Not even you.


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