A Letter for you

Wake up my darling,

It’s out there, we’re burning.

Beware of society,

They’ll raise you up,

Shower you with exquisite gowns,

Take you to the best suites

of the world’s most amazing places,

Like a hen for slaughter,

You are being fattened.


And when the time comes,

when you are completely unaware,

enjoying,  all despair forgotten,

They’ll bring you down

Like a plane caught in a tornado,

So fast you won’t remember yourself,

Rip you apart and shred you to pieces,

Beat up your face until you’re bloody

and your bones are broken

And no one will want you anymore.


So my darling,

Create that which will help all,

When you build,  make sure it’s concrete

Ensure your ladder isn’t cut down

And when you see those like you

My love reach out

For when you were down

I never forgot you.



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