Remind me

Remind me to breathe. For sometimes it escapes the confines of my mind.  Then my lungs fail me, and the air isn’t as sweet as I remember. It squeezes my chest so tightly in its palms, draining my life away. And the pain is unbearable. 

Remind me that this is only temporary and it’ll get well. That it’s just a passing phase and nothing is permanent. Tell me that it shouldn’t matter,  that it’s okay to be sad. That in the morning it might still be raining but it’s what should  make the day so beautiful. 

Remind me that I matter.  That my life holds some kind of value.  Because I forget, I really do. I wallow in self pity and self disgust. I compare myself to others and hate myself for the mistakes I made. For the poor choices,  the procastination and the temptations I was never able to overcome. 

Remind me that you are here.  That if I ever loose touch with this world,  you’ll wake me up.  That when I start slipping away into bliss,  you’ll hold onto me. You’ll shake me back to the painful reality and tell me that’s it’s for a short while. 

Remind me of the beauty of life and the freedom of positive thoughts. When we sang in the meadow,  our voices so rough yet so great. Help me get away from the slavery of pain,  hurt and inferiority. 

Remind me to flourish and to Blossom. Not because I’m supposed to but because I was made to. Tell me that my future is star lit bright. 

Remind me how to breathe again. 

A Letter for you

Wake up my darling,

It’s out there, we’re burning.

Beware of society,

They’ll raise you up,

Shower you with exquisite gowns,

Take you to the best suites

of the world’s most amazing places,

Like a hen for slaughter,

You are being fattened.


And when the time comes,

when you are completely unaware,

enjoying,  all despair forgotten,

They’ll bring you down

Like a plane caught in a tornado,

So fast you won’t remember yourself,

Rip you apart and shred you to pieces,

Beat up your face until you’re bloody

and your bones are broken

And no one will want you anymore.


So my darling,

Create that which will help all,

When you build,  make sure it’s concrete

Ensure your ladder isn’t cut down

And when you see those like you

My love reach out

For when you were down

I never forgot you.



 “Life asked death, ‘Why do people love me but hate you?’ Death responded, ‘Because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.”

When I am no more and dead
Will you remember me tested?
For the virtuous things I undertook
But never managed to get a kick
Or for the bad I tried to avoid
But was not too smart to succeed

Or will you forget too
The life I tried to lead, do
Far from a clean life, no saint
But trying to get by paint
Will you laugh at the sad?
Memories we made by the lake
Or by your fathers gate
Leaping and sneaking

Or will you forget
The music I loved
And throw away the records
That remind you of me
Will you forget our
One spot we made
Will you dread to remember?
The pain I went through
The trough of sadness
And the bucket of tears that
Silently begged to be released
From the chains of my eyes
Will you or will you?