Hold Me Close Mama.(Daily Prompt: Conquer )

Though she be but little, she is fierce.~Shakespear

Mama hold me close in your arms,

For I am afraid of the worms,

They crawl up my leg and into my skin,

Nasty scars left from my head to shin.

This feeling how could I forget bud,

When he dragged me through the mud,

Maize plantation closing in on me faster and faster,

The bugs of the soil laughing at me mama,

He held me down, my clothes no more than the street urchin we saw the day before,

Mama I was left for the dead, alone

Seven days later , worms are feeding on my flesh,

But the doctors say that it’ll end just like a rash,

That I’m strong and I’ll conquer it all,

But Mama hold me close for I may fall.

via Daily Prompt: Conquer

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