Survival. It’s like the child trying to wake after an anaesthetic procedure. Or a lazy student studying overnight for exams starting the next day. It is a developing nation living on debt from developed nations (FYI without the aid, the situation could be worse, it’s so said). Survival is when a kid born in rural … More Survival

Self centered

Almost everyday I look at myself in the mirror and ask the girl I see, “What do you expect from me? “. I have discovered that it is the one of the important things that should matter in my life especially in this little corner of the world. If you are a doctor what do … More Self centered


On the International Women’s day, I wanted to write a beautiful post on how empowerment women all over the world is bearing fruits. Then on a second thought , I decided to wait out and see how my day would turn out and therefore have a more personal thing to write about. By night fall, … More Defiled