I am a feminist Birdy

Hey world,

I want you to know that I am a feminist and I am not ashamed of it.

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Over the last few months and just before the new year, a few of my friends were concerned over the fact that I put over highly feminist photos in my whats app profile picture. That my statuses in the social media attacked them. They believe that a woman has been empowered and therefore they see no need in me vocalizing such concerns in such a country. So I tried to defend my actions and really try to indulge them and explain that feminism isn’t just about the women. It is about equality for all.

So I looked up to Chimamamnda Ngozi Adichie, whose views are as great as she is.

And while I really relate to Chimamanda’s story being a young African Woman, I believe that the society and world at large are just ignorant of these things. Recently I was watching one of a Fox series movie called Pitch. In that particular episode the main character a young woman who plays among men in a baseball team, is ambushed by people who accuse her for entering the wrong changing room when she almost gets raped. What she said later was even greater and I paraphrase, “People should realize that what is dangerous isn’t entering the wrong locker room but the fact that people don’t seem to understand that it is wrong to rape”.

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My point exactly is that the world has put beliefs for lack of a better world and have bound them to boys and girls, men and women. That there is a way women and men are supposed to behave and if not we are faced by the society’s wrath. We as beings that differentiate wrong from right should be able to understand that it is wrong to justify our actions because the other party is bound by a certain set of barbaric rules.

I am not sorry for bashing the society that has its foundations on sinking sand. In fact I invite you all to be feminists. I encourage you to believe that our minds are unbound and our spirits are free. Let’s shine together Birdy.


9 thoughts on “I am a feminist Birdy

  1. I agree with you. And perhaps it’s time we moved on from language that might be construed as gender specific to something more inclusive.

    As a child coming of age in the sixties and seventies, the term feminism made sense. In 2017, perhaps not so much. It does behoove us to communicate in a language understood more broadly. Sadly, the language of putting girls, women, females at the front of the line along with boys, men, males is still frowned upon. Perhaps we should find a term that is readily viewed as inclusive.

    Meanwhile, carry on! πŸ˜‰ xoM


  2. I really second your thought…..its very true that beliefs are killing our stregths and dreams as girls and women.i like the artist who sang the song “what a man can do a woman can do better”we should also be given a chance to practise this feminism

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