‘There is no substitute for hard work’~Thomas Edison

She aimed for the moon

she fell on the stars

“At least” she said

I passed the clouds

that would have been

a rough journey

but now she knows

that it is a fresh start

to aim higher than the

moon, just to float in space

“It may be void”she says

but it will fill the emptiness

around for do they

not say

do what you may

that you should succeed

she knows that that isn’t for everyone

or everyone isn’t for that

Now that there is little gravity

moving on should be as easy

as they told her but never did

maybe just maybe she will reach the sun

oh but what if it burnt her

but they wanted that. Not really that

maybe she will just be another star

floating waiting for someone to

aim for her.




Disaster looms


“Life is a big fat gigantic stinking mess, that’s the beauty of it, too.”
Gayle Forman, If I Stay

It is Monday, a crappy one for that matter. The clock proudly states 6.00. Holy Fudge, she will be late for work  again and her boss will force her to hand in an apology letter which will be put in her file, thereby interfering with her bonus for the month. She cannot afford to lose another bonus.

As soon as she is out of the door disaster strikes again. The stupid door won’t lock and Mr Bean’s dog(the neighbor) attacks her bag sending everything she had packed onto the pavement. Stupid Manchester Terrier Dog, why did Mr. Bean adopt the aggressive dog.

She is out on the streets and  tragedy is on her way. The speeding vehicle splashes her from head to toe.  Great now she is wet and dirty could this day get any worse? Just as she rounds the corner patting the mud out of her boots, a speeding bus appears.

She does not see it in time. She is rooted to the spot, perplexed . Smash! All goes into oblivion.