First Clock

What is bought is cheaper than a gift.  ~Portuguese Proverb

I can vividly remember my tenth birthday. It was the first time I had a party. It may seem weird but in this parts that we do not get to have parties when we are young, it was more of a family affair; we simply hang out with the family and eat a special dish and have the day to ourselves. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I was frantic, overjoyed and jumpy, surely you do understand. I went to invite some of my friends over and after convincing their parents that they would not stay for long, we were good to go. My father had just bought a disco ball for his billiard hall and therefore my mum and had made sure to connect it before and I could not wait to turn it on during the dancing session.

After sitting for a well cooked lunch my mama’s famous spaghetti noodles and fried chicken, we cut the well outlined cake that screamed “Happy 10th birthday”. I was so ecstatic when the time to present presents came. Of course my friends did not specifically bring anything due to the short notice I had given them but I did not mind. In fact was the least of my worries at the time since I just wanted to see what my parents got me. My dad passed me a carefully wrapped package, a small box which after opening revealed the first clock ever given to me. It was beautiful and I felt so special. Well years later when I was at school, my curious sister destroyed it but I still keep the pieces it was my first clock after all.

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