Social Beings.

social being
”A person’s a person, no matter how small they are” – Dr. Seuss

This morning my friend Ell and I were discussing on how lonely we get sometimes. How we wish that our lives were as great as those in the movies. I was busy commenting on how people could not understand how lonely people may be even though they have multiple friends. Then it occurred to me that I thought the same way as everyone else. A few years back a celebrity committed suicide because of loneliness that resulted in depression and I was the one who broke the sad news to my pals. “How could she! She had money, friends and supportive parents. I do not understand.” I reasoned and alas! all agreed with me.

We sometimes feel so down and we cannot share our troubles to the ones near neither can we share with those who are not close to us. So we end up rotting in our rooms, crying all day long watching meaningless movies and condemning ourselves. “I feel so alone. No one understands me.” we complain, yet we put ourselves in that situation.How does this happen? We are social beings. We let ourselves be defined by our society, the people around us instead of ourselves. So that becomes the stepping stone towards our destruction.

What can I say, I am the same way right? I look at my mirror five times before getting out of my room. When a friend says how horrible my hairstyle is, I quickly rush to the bathroom to fix it in the way she deems pretty. I wear a dress and I have to worry about how people will look at me, “Is it too short? Is it too long. Should I change?”. Now no matter how much we try to conform with the society, no one is ever satisfied because we all have different opinions, different perspectives. Therefore we ought not to judge according to our own standards. I know you agree with me, no one likes judgmental people. Yet the second that you pass that which or whomย  you consider ‘Different’ you will judge. That makes us frail judgmental social beings.

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