PURPOSE; Find Your Why

Purpose wooden sign with a forest background

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.”
Steve Maraboli

I have rocked my brain back and forth while reading our family’s history and I came to the realization that for generations we have never really been happy. Don’t get me wrong, we have family get together and fun like any other family in town but we have never seriously experienced inner joy.Take me for example, I consider myself a happy fellow. I hang out with my friends, I tell great jokes and we laugh our selves silly but come to think of it, I may be a totally different person inside. You’ll agree with me that most of us feel the same way. It feels like trapped in our own eggshells. We show a facade of neatness and happiness yet our inner being craves for something greater, a purpose or simply a push out of the comfort zone.

Well I wouldn’t know how people are after all, I am no expert. But wouldn’t you want to know what you really are meant to do? Question your existence- not in the where did I come from sense but in the why I am here sense. According to me, that is when you get inner peace and with time comes fulfillment. Happiness is like success. We read and listen to success stories over and over again and that is a good thing. To actually say that you are successful simply because you heard them isn’t right. It takes real action and therefore we should not base our lives on the outside lives, rather  base it on both aspects.Let us not forget that sometimes it is the little things that matter most.


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