The Struggle



If you close your eyes to facts, you will learn through accidents. ~ African proverb


Most people struggle so much in life, especially coming from a developing world. Everyday the media sends photos of little children, malnourished and dying and the whole world is in awe. They wonder”What kind of people let this happen to little children?” yet only few will help. They see the young boy on the beach with torn pants waiting for tourists who will take him away, give him a job,make him their ‘Shamba boy’ as they are commonly referred to in this parts.

There is a girl I know now a woman. To say that she has been through some rough patches would be an understatement and not that she has done bad in her life. Her life took the worst turn when she was assaulted and she got pregnant and she gave birth to a little baby girl, her bundle of joy who would one day save her from her troubles. Everyone told her what they have always said, “Young girl the struggle is just for now, the future will be better.” but we all know that is not always the case and she was one of the unfortunates.

And so in a world with no remorse she struggled, gave her all never gave up every waking moment of her life. Even so she is still miserable inside and questions the creator. “Why? When?”, she asks. She cries during the night and gains hope at daybreak and prays that her little baby girl doesn’t end up struggling all her life. She hopes that she doesn’t look up to her, for even though we are a race bound to struggle she does not believe that anyone deserves all that she has been through- especially not the little children dying of hunger or the young boy on the beach.


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