In a mask

Shilkah Yvonne 20160428_001159.jpg

I am reading one of Margaret Atwood’s bestselling novel Cat’s Eye. It is beautiful. I can relate myself to the main character-Elain. I think I am in a mask. I can’t express whether I am happy. Maybe I am just sad with a happy face. It happens doesn’t it?

I feel that something is missing, that I need to add something new to the story. This mask is suffocating me. Now they look at me and say I am foolish. But I am not, am I? They say I have the final say and I alone can choose to believe, I wish it was that easy.

I have no one to help me remove this mask but myself, and when you’ve got so much to achieve in very little time then you start feeling depressed-I am not in that stage yet. I have lot’s of luggage and I don’t know which one to drop first, especially now that I know that I am carrying a time bomb.

As part of removing the mask I am trying to learn to listen more and learn more. In the end it is just a mask no big deal, right?Mask

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