Breaking Free


They say that we lock our own selves up. I agree. I recently ended my relationship with Mr. Vanity and I am still struggling to break the chain Mr. Procastination has on me. I mean you all know him in one way or another, there is nothing great about him. Sometimes I really wonder if I had not met him, how different would my life be? Could have achieved more than I have? Say changed the world already? Well possibly. I mean how can I know with procastination on my heels.

I believe I have enclosed myself in chains and thrown the keys in the ocean. For every time I think of doing something, I choose Mr. Procastination first. It is like his voice is calling out to me saying “You can do it tommorow, can’t you” and when I answer ‘absolutely not’ he says that I don’t believe in myself. And caught up in the moment I try to justify that I am smart and listen to him. He has dominated most of my life and although you cannot see the chains they are there. Every time I try to getaway, he captures me and brings me back to its virtual cell.

I know life is a series of choices that is why I do not want be with him anymore. I have decided to end this relationship too. I have tried to get help. I sent my friend focus for the keys and now I am breaking free.

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