I refuse to be Fake

‘Be yourself. Ultimately just be yourself’-Wole Soyinka

I refuse to settle, to arrive to think that I am just okay with what I have done so far.

I refuse to listen to bad advice the kind that destroys my life and of those around me. That leaves me frustrated and depressed.

I refuse to be indiscipline and unfocused, my mama says laziness and rash behavior brings nothing but failure and disaster.

I refuse to disappoint my parents, make them cry and fall asleep late in the night and wake up early in the morning because of stress. Especially when they have worked so hard and gone through so many patches to raise me.

I refuse to have manipulative friends who only want you for loyalty and get lost when you are in problems. The ones who not only stab your back but also despise you and you have no idea.

I refuse to not practice my faith. I refuse to stop praying. I believe in something greater than our existence, someone significant, greater than all- God.

I refuse to be stepped on like a doormat, to be taken for granted and be intimidated. I shall stand up for myself and others who need me. Stand up for those that are robbed off their wares, those in pain and cannot get their voice up and those who are beaten and tortured by life itself as we watch.

I refuse to be shaken and frustrated by what people say-rumors- for people will always talk as long as they are alive. After all they say “They’ll talk during the day and sleep at night”?

I refuse to say yes to things I should say No to and I refuse to give less, to give nothing than the best required of me. I refuse to sit without trying.

I refuse to be fake, you should too.

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