Here We Are

I dream of a place faraway where I cannot feel a thing. Where I just sit and watch. No hurry, no mistakes no pain. Not possible I know, that is why I first said I only dream of it.

Have you ever felt pity, downright pity? I guess most of us have. That is the feeling I got ever time I got to cross the road across the market in my home area. I see this man, he has a disease of some kind. He is homeless, he has nobody and no one talks to him and I am filled with so much pity that I feel my heart is going to burst. Well, most people-passersby -just pretend and ignore the fact that he is sitting right there in the mud. I ask myself who is to blame? Society, them,me? Is there no one to blame? I cannot answer that but part of me wants to put this on me.I mean what is pity without actions, its like speaking to the wind and expecting the sun to hear-lousy comparison I know. I should go talk with him, give him the left over food my sister threw in the bin. Tell people of his plight they may not see him but they sure won’t ignore me. If only I would stand up and help him pick up the remaining pieces of dignity. But you are still too young says my brain. You haven’t yet accomplished any great thing in your life. Even so I walk up to him and give him my breakfast and his smile lights up my world. If I ever find the place I am dreaming of, we will sure sit there with him but for now here we are.



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