Breaking Free

Locked They say that we lock our own selves up. I agree. I recently ended my relationship with Mr. Vanity and I am still struggling to break the chain Mr. Procastination has on me. I mean you all know him in one way or another, there is nothing great about him. Sometimes I really wonder … More Breaking Free


March this year, has to be one of the hottest months I have ever experienced this side of the Sahara.The equator passes right near the middle of the country and it being equinox you can only imagine the warmth around here, day and night. Taking this trip down the memory lane-although it is for only … More Marching

Here We Are

I dream of a place faraway where I cannot feel a thing. Where I just sit and watch. No hurry, no mistakes no pain. Not possible I know, that is why I first said I only dream of it. Have you ever felt pity, downright pity? I guess most of us have. That is the … More Here We Are