I Will


“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” —Walt Disney

You dared me to dream,

Wake up, live and feel.

You asked me to stand,

Up and out like a band,

When I didn’t you showed

Me the other side that you told

The last patient you enslaved.

But I will try, be freed,

Get away from you and start

A new where I will dream, light

Stand up and preach against

Those like you who live at night

For once upon a time,

You gave me a will, a dime,

And dared me to dream big

Well that’s what I’ll dig.

Is it me ?

So I sat down and looked over, she talks continuously no fullstops no comma. I could not hear her. Could I be deaf? She looks like she is shouting. She finally gets tired, throws her hands in the air and walks away. I try calling her invain for no sound came out my mouth. Is it me or the world?


So yesterday he was standing there

Looking right at me just like a bear.

He was unafraid

Resolved, dissolved inside

And I couldn’t move my feet.

Stranded, I was in the light,

He dragged me away

Half-carrying my lifeless form during the day

Locked up crying

Chains clinging and sounding

Blindfolded and tied up,

I needed anything even a map

But I couldn’t see, touch

Hold, stand or crouch

Just one step to reach my mission

Fear is but an illusion.